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So much more than an electronic log book

Affordable control of water hygiene to ACOP L8, HSG274, HSG282, HTM04-01 & PWTAG

Improved productivity and performance

Save money, optimise your valuable staff resources & provide better customer service

You're in control - full configuration flexibility

Write your own rules! Meet the letter & spirit of the law - or exceed it

Handles all aspects of domestic and process water hygiene

Whatever the scope of works, whatever the frequency, whatever the application...

Customer service that's personal and always there for you

Friendly customer support & training to help you get the most from your system

Relax - it's all under control

Meaningful information - not just data - always there at your fingertips 24/7/365

Advanced Legionella Control & Compliance Software

aquaAdept is market leading software used by FM companies, water contractors and estate owners to manage the task of controlling water regimes in building estates. It helps ensure full compliance with ACOP L8, HSG274, HSG282, HTM04-01 and PWTAG standards.

aquaAdept is much more than an electronic logbook. It is flexible, powerful software that manages the whole process of handling water hygiene contracts and workforce deployment in the most efficient and effective way to cut costs and boost profit.

Duty of Care Holder

Duty of Care Holders

aquaAdept will help you run an effective, error free and compliant domestic or process water testing regime. It will save you money and time, and free you from unwieldy paper based log books and records.

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University Campus

Proven in application

aquaAdept is designed to be affordable for contractors and estates of all sizes. It can grow with you and has proved itself in a wide variety of applications in the public, private and third sectors.

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Secure and Scalable

Secure & Scaleable

We take your data security and document storage very seriously. Your system can grow and evolve with you, and aquaAdept has an ongoing development plan in which we'll involve and consult you.

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Easy To Use

As professional software developers we understand the importance of usability. We put real effort into making aquaAdept as intuitive as possible, so it's easy to use, simple to understand, reliable and fast.

Puts You In Control

aquaAdept works for you (not the other way around!) It allows you to focus on what's important not just what's urgent...It helps you ensure compliance and offers the peace of mind that being in control brings.

Saves Time & Money

aquaAdept will set you free from the tyranny of the spreadsheet and the need to produce bespoke client reports. Its feature-rich suite of self-serve options will free up your staff's valuable time for real value-adding tasks.

Proven & Scaleable

aquaAdept is highly robust and scaleable and will happily cope as your needs grow. The system is used to manage compliance across many large estates including the estate of one of the largest companies in Britain.

Removes Errors & Omissions

Never miss another task, never overlook a key issue nor miss an important trend. aquaAdept turns data into useful and accurate information - helping you do more, better and with fewer resources.

What Our Clients Say

For me the fact that I can see at a glance what is going on is tremendous, it is easy to set your own parameters, check rules and track my team's activity. I cannot speak highly enough of it. We have extended its use into playground inspections, lifebelt checks and are looking to move it onto horticultural equipment monitoring - such is the flexibility.

Legionella Team Leader
Unitary Authority

The aquaAdept system is very flexible and easy to use. We are completely in control and the system has grown with us over a few years now. aquaAdept offers rich functionality at an affordable price and the customer service is second to none. It's saved me money in house and never fails to impress my customers!

Managing Director
Water Hygiene Contractor

Multiple Compliance Areas

As well as handling the testing of water assets, aquaAdept can be used to test building assets of any type and is also used for:

Fire Safety & Emergency Lighting Testing
Lift Operational Testing
Indoor Air Quality
Asbestos Inspections
Gas Safety Testing
Electrical Testing