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aquaAdept is designed to be affordable for contractors and estates of all sizes. It can grow with you and has proved itself in a wide variety of sectors including:

  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Social Housing & HMOs
  • Food, Drink & Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Construction
  • Commercial Property
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Government
  • Financial Services

Multinational Manufacturer

aquaAdept is operating internationally in a global brand leader's multi-site, multi-location estate, helping to manage highly complex process and domestic water systems.

This application is being used daily by both on-site (residential) and mobile (external) engineering teams for both routine scheduled testing and remedial works - in UK and continental Europe.

The external engineering teams' attendance & work programme are scheduled automatically by aquaAdept ensuring the most appropriately qualified and experienced engineers attend each site as required. This means much more productive use of engineering time and greatly enhanced response and non-conformance closure rates for the end user client.

According to the client: "aquaAdept is a lot more flexible and versatile than the previous system we had in place - which was also a third party system. It is simple to use and interrogate, and ensures that every aspect of every water system gets the attention it needs."

University Campus

This leading university has an estate comprising 19 sites and 220 buildings, with a range of water systems all of which are covered by aquaAdept.

Once again aquaAdept has replaced a competing third party system.

It was selected based on the client's evaluation of a number of alternatives and was found to offer "much more in-depth information at the user's fingertips - which is easy to drill down and browse. The "traffic lights system" used to indicate compliance is a real boon... it gives me the control of the estate in the detail I need."

Care Home Operator

Over 300 separate sites are covered in this leading Care Home Provider's estate where all the domestic water systems are monitored through aquaAdept.

Regular checks and tests are carried out by site personnel who are often care professionals and not water treatment experts - happily they don't need to be. Based on their data input, the system status is monitored on a daily basis by the client's internal compliance team who use the standard reporting suite supported by some specific custom reports to manage by exception and ensure compliance.

aquaAdept has helped the client demonstrate total control of their water management regime and supports their stated aim of complying with both the "letter and the spirit" of ACOP L8.

Since we started using aquaAdept we have seen benefits in terms of time saved in planning service workloads and in turn having a more efficient workforce on our customer sites. The system is easy to use including both the setting up of contracts with the necessary asset information and also when entering the data results on site via the aquaAdept app on a tablet or similar. The web portal is easy to navigate and it is this simple yet effective platform that gets great comments time after time from customers and prospects alike. The whole experience has been straight forward, effective and is backed by excellent customer service and I would recommend aquaAdept to anyone looking to implement Legionella control software.

Operations Manager
Water & Air Hygiene Contractor - Yorkshire