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The Adept system is a web application. There is no software to install. It requires no special hardware and no integration with your existing IT systems is necessary. The system operates entirely independently and it is our responsibility to manage the availability of the system.

Access to the master system is via a modern internet browser using any connected device/operating system. The system is available for use 24 hours a day/365 days a year. It is very robust and copes easily with multiple concurrent users.

Secure & Scaleable

aquaAdept is designed for the full range of organisations from the smallest to the largest and most complex. The system is suitable for small contractors right up to those managing extensive, complex estates and FM companies. It is fully scaleable and will grow with you. We simply increase your server capacity to match the demands on your system.

The system is hosted in a state of the art, modern data centre which is manned 24/7/365. Separately, all data is doubly backed up for complete peace of mind.

It is quick and easy to upgrade and expand your system at any time - you can add users, contracts, locations and assets at any time without reference to us. If you want to extend the scope of your system to include new compliance areas, or increase the number of assets under management, we can do that for you on request.

Ongoing Development Plan

aquaAdept is subject to an ongoing development plan. We consult our clients and capture their ideas for system improvements and enhancements which are then subjected to rigorous review and assessment. Selected enhancements are programmed and ruthlessly tested before release.

System updates are issued free of charge to clients whose accounts are of good standing. These are carried out by arrangement on a fully planned and agreed basis.

Special requests and custom work can be carried out by separate arrangement.

Document Storage

Included within aquaAdept is the ability to store unlimited documents in a feature-rich library. We place no artificial limits on document storage nor do we charge separately for it.

Documents can be saved at key points throughout the processes of using the system - in the most logical places as you'd expect! Once stored it is easy to locate and collate groups of documents using the built-in cloud tagging system. This is fully customisable so you can organise your documents in the ways which suit you and your clients, best.

Full Audit Trail - Detailed Historical Records

Data is held in the system indefinitely. The system is designed to prevent alterations to data unless properly authorised and justified.

It is easy to make lapsed contracts inactive so that the audit trail is retained and is easily accessible, but the system no longer generates work for engineers to carry out on site.

At the end of a contract with us two options are available: either a read only license which enables normal access to the data in the system without the ability to add to it or amend it, OR a specified data extract of the assets and checks/tests carried out complete with the results entered, with no system access - both options are chargeable.

Remote Worker Application

The mobile worker application requires Android OS 4.0 ICS or higher (API 14 and above) to be installed on the device.

The Remote Worker App works completely robustly on or offline so with or without mobile or WiFi coverage. It updates very quickly and thus is VERY frugal in its use of data - no special data allowances are needed.

Perceptis' process for requirements engineering is very good. The technical team are very good at ascertaining why we need to do something operationally. And if there is already a way to achieve the requirement, albeit through a different method. They’ll make sure you are aware before proceeding with any bespoke development.

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