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About Us

Our Team

aquaAdept has been designed by a team of expert software developers AND water industry experts based in the West Midlands, UK.

People who really know what it's like to implement and maintain a water testing regime, manage engineers and sub contractors, and ensure full compliance with the letter and the spirit of ACOP L8, HSG274, HSG282, HTM04-01 and PWTAG standards.

Totally Independent

We are totally independent specialist software developers and are not associated with any water company or any company involved in compliance testing.

This means that when your contract comes to an end we are NOT passing the details of the contract to some sister company ready to take the contract over!

You can be absolutely sure your data is completely confidential and that we only use it for the purpose of providing our excellent support to you. So why use a system developed by your competitor when you can work with someone truly independent and ethical?

Fanatical Support

We want you to get the maximum benefit out of aquaAdept and to that end we are always pleased to hear your support queries.

We have dedicated support staff and you can call and speak to a human being at any time during normal working hours, or e-mail if you prefer.

You can be assured that we take every support request seriously and if we can't solve your problem instantly someone will be working on finding a solution for you. What's more we will contact you and give you progress updates where appropriate.

Our support is not just for system usage issues, we are only too happy to advise on setup and configuration of new contracts. So when you have situations that are not the norm, we can help you with the setup for those situations helping you to meet the requirements of the contract in the most efficient way.

Help Shape The Future Development of aquaAdept

aquaAdept is continuously developed by our team and we are passionate about making it continually offer more value to our customers as well as maintaining its status as the leading compliance management system.

This is why we regularly visit our customers and hold review meetings. During these review meetings we look at how you are using the system currently and offer suggestions for how you can use it in a more efficient way, and we ask you to tell us how we could make the system deliver even more benefits for you.

Your feedback, together with that from other customers may go on to form our plan for the next stages of system development.

It is easy to navigate the various areas of aquaAdept from the dashboard and it is user friendly for both myself and our clients. It has been received really well by the clients that we have introduced it to, and they now prefer this to any other way of working. We are hoping to roll aquaAdept out to all our clients in the near future.

Water & Air Hygiene Contractor